We Have a Poster!!!!

Feel free to share this around the web. :)

New to Copy That! Spider Teeth!

This is the latest addition to my distro. Hand-bound, mostly hand-written, this zine is worth checking out.

We Did It!

We Did It!

Lexington’s first ever Ephemera Fest was a success! Thanks to all the folks who made it, and who made it possible – vendors, visitors, and everyone else!

It's Coming!!!

This is happening so soon. I am ready to meet all the cool folks that come out!

Mailings are going out!

Here’s part of what we’re sending folks for the Ephemera Fest – along with a flier or two, of course!

Hey Y’all! I’m helping to organize the Lexington Ephemera Fest – the first of its kind! If you’re a zine-readin’ type in the midwest/midsouth, please consider coming to visit! I’d love to see ya! And we also have a bunch of tables available still – so register if you want!

Chicago Zine Fest

Chicago Zine Fest

The Chicago Zine fest is likely to be attended again by yours truly! I am looking forward to getting out of Lexington for a while and enjoying part of my “spring” break. Tables all sold out, but I’m pretty excited about the event nonetheless. I went around and traded endlessly last year with the people stuck at tables and it worked out really well. Pretty stoked for a second round.


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