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I’ve decided to make pronoun buttons.  Thus far, they say “He Him His,” “She Her Hers,” and “They Them Theirs.”  But if you want a custom one, let me know and I’ll whip you up something cool! I’m asking donations/trades for them; I’d ask for at least a dollar for a pack of all 3.  They are two-color black & yellow buttons with cut&pasted words on them.  I’ll get around to posting pictures someday.

I recognize that not everyone feels the need to label themselves with a pronoun. That said, I thought it might be cool as an option, if you wanted to raise awareness for gender-neutral pronouns like they/sie/hir/ze, or you wanted to wear a little reminder of your preferred pronoun, or you wanted to piss off squares.  Feedback is welcome.

In addition to these buttons, I can make any custom buttons you want!  Send designs & we can work out trades/rates.  Turnaround will probably be kinda slow while I’m in grad school but I’m happy to share my supplies with folks too!

The best way to get ahold of me is, as usual, by emailing me: neckmonster-(at)-gmail-(dot)-com.


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